Open Adoption – Reflections On The Journey


This is a blog post I wrote reflecting on how our open adoption has evolved over time and how I feel about it now.

Open Adoption – Reflections On The Journey

I sat at my desk browsing for gifts, ears keenly attuned to the sounds from the adjoining family room. I’d let my twins sit at their table, their art pads open and one single instruction.

“Make a card and write a note in it for your mom’s birthday. All I ask is that you think about what you want to say before you start writing.”

I held each child’s face in my hands, our eyes peering into our souls as I tasked them and turned around and left to the privacy of my study. They worked in silence, the sketch pens scratching paper. I was midway through an article on why Hillary is the most accomplished person to be President in this election when I felt Ammu beside me before I saw her.

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