How Is The Birth Father Involved In Your Adoption?

A lot of people assume that if a child is being placed for adoption, the birth father isn’t involved. This is not necessarily true, explains Haley. Though the biological father of the child she placed wasn’t involved in the process, she does know of circumstances in which the birth fathers are very much involved in the placement of their children, agonizing over the choice or whether or not to place and working to ensure that the best possible outcome is brought about for the child.

In addition, adds Tamra, “I know sometimes people place BECAUSE the birth father was involved,” says Tamra. Not wanting to co-parent with a particular individual may motivate someone to want to place their child with a different family.

Watch as these four birth moms talk about the various circumstances they faced in choosing adoption and the role played by their babies’ birth fathers.

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Rachel Skousen

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