How to become a foster parent- where should I start?

Where do I start if I want to become a foster parent?

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    The best place to start when wanting more information on becoming a foster parent will likely depend on where you are in the process of making that decision. If you are confident in your choice to foster, the best place to start your journey is to contact local foster agencies in your county. It is important to note that many counties have both county government agencies and also private foster agencies. You may need to call for more information and also ask around before deciding which agency to go with. 

    If you are on the fence about fostering or simply searching for more information, both and have some great information. You can find quite a few articles solely focused on foster parents here. You may also want to call agencies for more information. Social media may also be a great start as you can ask around to find local recommendations and connect with foster parents. Building that network will benefit you when you become a foster parent. Even if you decide not to foster, you can find ways to support the foster community through this network. 

    Some organizations such as churches may have various ministries and groups that will connect you with foster families and foster agencies. Reaching out into your local community for support would be a great starting point for anyone interested in the foster parent process. 
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