Forum: Adult Adoptees And International Adoption

Forums are a great place for adult adoptees to share thoughts, stories, questions, and ideas. Sometimes you may live in

This Is What It’s Like To Be An Adoptive Mom

Kristin Anderson gives us an inside look on what it’s like to be an adoptive mom, and it’s amazing. Being

Welcome To The Adoption World–Here’s A Guide

The adoption world can be daunting if you’ve never entered it before. There are a lot of questions you need

Meeting Again

After decades apart, mother and son are finally meeting again. Gary Thiemann was adopted when he was very young and grew

Janesville Family Receives National Honors

A family from Janesville received national honors this week for their efforts in enriching “the lives of foster children and

Sometimes When Words Fail, Adoption Papers Always Speak

Words, when describing incredible moments, can sometimes fail; however, adoption papers always speak. Dave Skaggs just had his 60th birthday,

Hector Manley Doesn’t Let His Double Amputation Define Him

Even though Hector Manley lost both of his legs in a terrible earthquake, he doesn’t let the experience define who

Forum: Search And Reunion Stories

Have you ever posted on a forum before? Have you ever wanted to but never knew where to go? Well

8 Questions Adoptive Moms Wish You Would Just Ask Them Already

Emily Westbrooks shares the 8 questions adoptive moms wish you would just ask them already. Adoption is an interesting topic,

I Surrendered My Sorrow By Grabbing It

“I surrendered my sorrow by grabbing ahold of it, without shame,” writes Natalie Brenner. Natalie is the mother of two

Alexander The Brave

Meet Alexander the brave, one of the kindest, brightest, and sweetest kids you’ll ever meet. Alexander is 11-years-old and is

Tyana Is An Amazing Girl

Tyana is an amazing girl who is looking for her forever family. She loves to have fun and has her

Climbing Mountains To Reach Stars

When it comes to her dreams, Charissa is all about climbing mountains to reach the stars. This cute girl has

Adoption, Autoimmunity, Honesty

“After years of personal self-discovery, I believe that–in part–what triggered my autoimmunity was the chronic stress of holding hurt within

The Power Of Music

Music has such an astonishing power to uplift, inspire, and encourage. Melanie Barrier, a woman who was in the foster

One Of The Least Talked About Skills In Parenting

One of the least talked about skills in parenting is the ability to NOT react. Have you ever thought about

Man Meets Son For The First Time

Luther Donald, after 38 years, met his son that he never knew existed for the first time. All along, his

Two Lives Were Saved

When Ingeborg Mclntosh adopted her son, Jordan, little did she know that two lives were saved that day instead of

Woman Finds 8 Siblings Through DNA Test Results

One hundred years ago, using DNA test results to find long-lost siblings would have been unimaginable. With the advent of

We Are Filipino, Kazakh, Vietnamese, And American–We Are Family

Whether they are Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese, American, German, or British, matters little when it comes to family. Jim and Amy

I Never Looked Like Anyone In My Family, Until Now

Sue Woods never looked like anyone in her family until she saw a picture of herself on Well, at

Harry Potter Was Adopted, Are You?

Harry Potter is one of the most famous fictional characters in literature. And he was adopted. Indeed, over 400 million

Jordan Fisher Shares His Adoption Experience

It was “Most Memorable Year Week” on DWTS, and for Jordan Fisher, that year was in 2005 when his adoption

A Nonprofit Organization Hosts Mini-Conference For Adopted Children

In central Jersey, a mini-conference was hosted by a nonprofit organization. The event was specifically created for adopted children and

Say Hello To Quamir

Say hello to Quamir, a 14-year-old boy who is looking for his forever family. Quamir is a dynamic kid, and

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