Missouri Adoptees History

A new law has been passed for Missouri adoptees to be able to request information about their birth parents. Many

Twins Reunited

One year ago Audrey and Gracie, twins reunited after being separately adopted, have been able to become fast friends. Since

What Makes Adoptive Parenting Different?

“What makes adoptive parenting different from parenting a biological child?” One of the most important questions in adoption is “What will it

Pregnant Women in California Find Shelter and Help

Pregnant women in California are finding a wonderful place of shelter, peace, and fortitude. The place is called Precious Life

Love Matters Most

Above all, love matters most. Hannah Mongie is a birth mother who made one of the hardest decisions anyone can

Reunited after 15 Years of Being Apart

Mother and son are reunited after 15 years of being apart. And what a sweet, tearful reunion it was. Marietta

Georgia House Speaker Seeks to Reform Adoption Laws

The Georgia House speaker, David Ralston, is working out the priorities for this year, and one of the biggest priorities

7 Hilariously Relatable Memes for Adoptees

Here are 7 relatable memes for adoptees. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crazy, weird, and unnecessary questions that adoptees

Lauren Akins Speaks for Adoption

Lauren Akins states, “I have always wanted to adopt. My mom is actually adopted. I am a product of an

My Shadow Son

“I have a shadow son–a shadow son I didn’t give birth to, a shadow son who believed I was his

Finally, I’ve Seen You

“Finally, I’ve seen you.” Those were the words spoken to Kati Pohler by her birth mother when she met her

Police Officer Adopts Homeless Mother’s Newborn Child

A police officer adopts a homeless mother’s newborn baby who is addicted to opioids. Ryan Holets, from Albuquerque, was responding

Books, Horses, And The Great Outdoors Describe Hailey

Books, horses, and the great outdoors describe Hailey–a beautiful girl in search of her forever family. Hailey is an animal

He Is Amarion

He is Amarion. Amarion not only has an incredibly cool name, he also is one amazing, likable kid. Including having

Taneah’s Dream

Taneah’s dream is to find her forever family. In fact, she can hardly stop thinking about it because she wants

Adoption Information Videos: How To Find Your Family

Adoption Information is a newly created course of videos detailing how you are able to find your adoptee or biological

Ellen Honors This Amazing Family Who Adopted 6 Siblings

Ellen honors one amazing family from Cincinnati, Ohio, who adopted 6 siblings. Christina and Christopher Sanders made their family whole when

This Is A Forum For Birth Parents

All right, ready to chat? This is a forum for birth parents. Do you live somewhere remote and cannot talk

Thomas Tristan Or Jeremiah

Thomas Tristan or Jeremiah–as he likes to be called–is an amazing young man. Jeremiah is 14-years-old and he likes to

Renee Is Beautiful And Kind

Renee is beautiful and kind, and she is searching for her forever family. It is Renee’s second time being featured

12,500 Foster Children Adopted In 20 Years

In the last 20 years, there have been 12,500 foster children adopted within the state of Minnesota. “With more children

Chestnuthill Township Family Shares Joys Of Adoption

A Chestnuthill Township family shares the joys of adoption. The Benzkofers have a 19-year-old son of their own and are

East Tennessee Family Welcomes Home Fourth Adopted Child

An east Tennessee family welcomed home their fourth adopted child this last week. “Katie and Jonathan Addington have three biological

When Waiting To Adopt Turns Bitter

What do you do when waiting to adopt turns bitter? Why are there people who wait only a few days

Heart Gallery Features Children In Need Of Forever Homes

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services’ had their annual Heart Gallery of South Texas Opening. The adoption specialists

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