Look for adoption gifts for everyone involved? Here are some great options for birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees, and extended family.

Adoption Gifts

Are you part of the adoption community, or do you know someone who is? Almost all of us know someone who is touched by adoption.

With adoption starting to become more open and less secretive, people are starting to celebrate adoption a bit more. It is no longer a taboo topic to hide. All sides of the adoption triad can now find delightful gifts that share their involvement in the adoption community.

Are you looking for gifts to give someone touched by adoption in your life? Are you wondering what types of things are appropriate, or where to find things adoption related?

If you go to the Adoption Gifts website you can find a wide variety of adoption-related items that are great for gifts. I have linked several items that I found while browsing the site. There are so many items available, for everyone involved in adoption, on one gift site! There are also gift giving guides that will show some of the more popular products that are gifted.

Please be sure to check with your local and state laws regarding gifts if you are adopting and looking for a gift for your child’s birth mother or birth parents. There are sometimes monetary limits on gifts in these situations. It is important to know if your gift is one that falls into these guidelines. In my area, there was a limit set on the value of any gift given to birth mothers at the time of relinquishment. Regardless of the limitations, I am sure you will be able to find the perfect gift!

When I was adopting, I gifted my son’s birth mother a lovely necklace. Because we have an open adoption, I regularly give her gifts on special occasions. I try to give gifts that I would like myself! I can find many adoption-related items on this website that I would love to have.

Adoption gifts are not just for birth parents. If you know someone who is bringing home a new addition via adoption, there are plenty of gifts that you can get these new parents!  There are also many gifts appropriate for adoptees to acknowledge they are part of the adoption community. There are also gifts for siblings, grandparents, and extended family members. Get the whole family in on celebrating the joy of adoption!

Are you looking for a birth mom gift? Does the birth mom in your life like jewelry? Or is she more of a hoodie or t-shirt type of girl? There are adoption gifts available for any birth mom. These gifts are even reasonably priced and will likely fall into the monetary limits that your agency or state set regarding gifts (in my area, gifts could be a maximum of $50). If you are in an open adoption, these gifts could be appropriate for any holiday or occasion that you find yourself looking for a sentimental birth mom gift.

If the birth mom you wish to gift is one who doesn’t wear jewelry, a shirt that honors her strength and courage to choose adoption might be a nice gift. Birth moms have tremendous strength and courage.

I have seen many beautiful jewelry items. If you plan to have a continued relationship with your child’s birth mom, a shared “friendship-type” item may be a fitting gift. I especially like the three-piece necklace that includes a piece for adoptive mom, birth mom, and child. When placed together, the pieces form the infinity symbol. The adoption connection is one that is forever with each piece of the triad a loving piece of the relationship. This design is still also discreet enough that if you want to honor adoption but don’t want it to be the forefront of the conversation, it doesn’t have to be. With a piece like this, you can choose if you want to discuss the symbolism and how it related to adoption, or if you want to keep it to yourself, close to your heart.

With adoption becoming more open, sometimes we want to display our love for adoption loud and proud. An adoption onesie for a baby adoptee is the type of gift that shouts, “We love Adoption!” There are other options for infant adoptees that are a bit less boisterous but still honor their adoption roots. Families who have struggled and waited for their family to grow through adoption may want to shout it out, or they may want to be more subtle and nurture their connection in a quiet way. They may feel differently depending on the day. As a mother who has adopted, some days I feel boisterous about it, and other days I feel more reserved about who I want to share it with. For those days when we are feeling a bit less vocal about our journey to parenthood, a subtle nod to adoption, like a beanie, will still honor the journey without drawing all of the attention to it. The more subtle gifts will still share your love for adoption, though not everyone will understand the gesture. Some days, we want our child to be the star not just her adoption story. While adoption should not be a taboo topic, it is important to find the balance of its place in your family. An adoptee should not feel that adoption defines them, but they should know that it is a part of who they are. It is okay to feel vocal one day and a bit low-key the next. Balance looks different for everyone, just as adoption is unique to each person who takes the journey. Finding the right balance for you and your family is important.

Let’s not forget the dads! Yes, there are gifts that are made for the men in the adoption world too! A unique adoption symbol necktie accessory is a nice gift for both birth fathers and adoptive fathers. There are also many options for dads to show their fatherhood status with fun clothing options too. Dads may also enjoy something a little more practical such as a mug to share their love of adoption. Of course, mugs are a great gift for anyone in the adoption community.

Are you looking for a gift for the actual day of adoption? Or maybe you are looking for a gift for the anniversary of “gotcha” day (the day the adoption was finalized)? Did you know there were adoption gifts available for this occasion? I have seen many homemade gotcha day gifts but not everyone is that crafty. I spotted matching shirt sets available for mom and baby. There are also gifts that are appropriate for the anniversary of this day, such as the quote on this necklace,  “I was adopted, I was wanted, I was chosen, I grew in their hearts, I am loved.”

Adoption gifts are not just for new parents, birth parents, or adoptees. The whole family can get in on the celebration. There are plenty of gifts available for extended family and even siblings gifts too! Grandparents gifts are available to help them show off their new grandchildren and their connection to adoption. Aunts and Uncles can find adoption gifts, as well as items appropriate for other extended family members. The entire family can share in the celebration and excitement of your adoption journey.

What if you are looking for a gift for a hopeful adoptive couple? Or if you are a hopeful adoptive parent yourself, who wishes to share the process and journey openly? Yes, there are even adoption gifts that are for this waiting period time of your journey! This adoption quote is featured on many items, and is wonderful for those who are hoping to adopt: “Adoption is another word for love.”

 If you want to include humor in your gift, a magnet joking about paperwork will make anyone going through the process smile knowingly. The process can be long and hard, and we all need to remember to keep calm and smile.

There are also other lovely items for hopeful parents. A shirt like this one for hopeful parents, indicating their wait, would be wonderful to share their hopeful adoption intentions. Wearing this message of hope may even lead to conversations and networking opportunities to help them on their adoption path. Many people have an adoption connection, and this shirt can start conversations that may lead to advice or stories to share that may bring about new networking contacts.

When it comes to adoption, often the foster parents are overlooked when it comes to gifts. Whether the foster parents are planning to adopt, or just to foster until families are reunited or until adoption is an option, foster parents pour their hearts into helping children and families. It is nice to see that foster parents are starting to be recognized in gift items too, as they deserve recognition for the role they play in the lives of families.

If you know a wonderful family that fosters, then consider giving them a gift that reflects their life choice to help others. I personally love the statement found on magnets, and also on some clothing on this gift site: “If there is a cause worth fighting for, it is this: CHILDREN BELONG IN FAMILIES!” Foster parents are fighting for families. Their job is often thankless and not recognized enough.

When I was fostering, I would have loved to have a foster mom shirt to promote fostering to those around me. We often see accessories and apparel for those who foster animals, but not often do we see these items for those who foster children. We need all types of foster parent acknowledgement to strip the isolation of this lifestyle away and instead make this something we talk about. Foster parents often have a hard time and feel very isolated in the role they play when helping children. Giving a gift to a foster parent that celebrates this part of their lives would be a wonderful way to validate them, and acknowledge their big hearts. The lives of foster parents and families can be challenging, but also rewarding. This simple but heartfelt quote is one that embodies life as a foster parent: “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.”

This website also has many books available for the adoption community. Books for all sides of the adoption triad can be found for purchase. Adoption can be a long, hard journey for all sides, and reading books that share insight can be helpful when coping with hard days. I find that reading can sometimes really validate my feelings and make me feel a sense of calm when I am feeling overwhelmed. Taking a few moments to read is a great way to promote self-care, which is important when you are part of the adoption community.

Books can also be a wonderful way to introduce adoption to young adoptees. By reading them children’s books that talk about adoption, they will be able to understand what adoption means and learn to feel familiar with the topic of adoption. It also helps to open up conversations with your children so they feel comfortable talking to you about adoption. There are several different children’s books available. Many book options for all sides can be found here.

Journaling is also a wonderful way for those involved in the adoption community to cope with the stresses of their journey. The journal is also a wonderful keepsake to read later, and remember all the ups and downs that were had along the way. There are beautiful journals available to give as gifts to anyone involved in the adoption community, whether it is the birth family, adoptive family, adoptee, or extended family. Everyone involved has their own experience of the journey to adoption, and journaling is a great way to document and tell the tale of your personal journey. How cool would it be if everyone involved in your adoption journaled about their experience from their point of view?

Whether you are looking for gifts for birth family, adoptive family, adoptees, or foster families, this website has something for everyone. From lighthearted gifts, to more serious sentiments, you can find something that is appropriate for the occasion. Finding appropriate adoption-related items is no longer the challenge it once was, with something for everyone in one spot!

Jennifer Kaldwell

Jennifer is a mother to 3 children (one biological, two adopted). She is also a mom to numerous pets. She enjoys volunteering in her children's classroom, reading, and crafting in her spare time. She has been married for almost 15 years.