Reunion: 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Finding My Birth Parents

Many people who were adopted dream of one day being reunited with their birth family if they grew up in

5 Stereotypes About Birth Parents that Need to Die Now

When you think of birth parents, what stereotypes come to mind? Young, poverty stricken, unmarried, addicts, raped, etc? This article

Adoptive Mom Trying to Find Son’s Birth Parents Before He Goes Blind

We all know how important our roots and connection to our family is.  Open adoption is meant to prevent feelings

Birth Parents Reunited

Sometimes you hear these super sweet and romantic stories of love that end in such happiness. Boy meets girl, but

The Unconditional Love Of A Birth Mother

We often hear from adoptive parents and birth parents, but we all relish the moments when those who were adopted

How I Feel About My Child’s Birth Mother

This is one of my all-time favorite articles written about adoption.  Why? Because too often I get asked about my

A Birth Parent’s “Right to Privacy” vs. an Adoptee’s “Right to Know”

I often seen a lot of information about keeping adoption contact open because it was promised to the birth parent. 

I’m A Birth Mom, But I’m Not…

I’m A Birth Mom, But I’m Not… watch this video to understand the false myths that surround birth moms.  Don’t

The Moment I Became a Birth Mom

Gaining insight to what a birth mother feels about her journey, her placement and her child is valuable information. I

Beating Birth Mom Stigmas

The stigmas of being a birth mom usually lead to pity or lack of understanding. It forces many birth parents

I Asked My Son If He Missed His Birth Mom

I Asked My Son If He Missed His Birth Mom. What He Said Next Moved Me. No matter what type

5 Things Hopeful Adoptive Parents Should Never Do at the Hospital

I feel lucky that our agency somewhat guided us on the do’s and don’ts of etiquette when adopting a baby.

Birth Mothers Have to Accomplish…

This quote touches on an important topic of loss and letting go in adoption placement.  A birth mother has to

Indiana Adoption Birth Certificates

Measure would allow adoptees born between 1941 and 1994 to access their birth certificates. Adoptees born between 1941 and 1994

Birth Parent Gifts

Are you looking for that perfect gift to give to your child’s birth parents? Look no further with these DIY

How I Feel About My Child’s Birth Mother

People who don’t understand adoption are surely not going to easily understand open adoption. Many times people question open adoption

More Mucked Up Adoption Advice from Dear Abby

Below are snippets from an article about the advice Dear Abby lends an adoptive parent seeking help and understanding on

5 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Talking About Adoption!

Do you feel like as an adoptive parent you empathize too much with adoptees or birth parents and maybe your

Ray Liotta opens up about being adopted

An amazing interview with Ray Liotta about coming to terms with being adopted and placed for adoption.  After getting over

Seven Ways Adoption is a God Thing

Many people believe in destiny or divine intervention being a part of how their children come to their family. Some

10 Taboo Topics of Adoption

Educating others in adoption can be really hard. It often is prompted by comments or conversations that are insensitive to

You May Not Have My Eyes

My son doesn’t look like me.  We have the same color eyes, but not the same shape.  He has blonde

When a Family Tree Becomes an Orchard

I love this saying. It really represents a great adoption story.  We have an open adoption with my son’s birth

Boundaries, Empathy, and Compassion

How can you communicate within your adoption relationship while showing empathy and compassion yet still set boundaries?  In this interview,

You are Part of Her Plan

It is easy to get wrapped up in the guilt of feeling like you are part of the pain for

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