How I Feel About My Daughter’s Search For Her Birth Parents

Brenda Cotter was adopted in the 1950s, when adoptions in the United States were often shrouded in secrecy. In her

3 Thankful Gifts to Send to Your Child’s Birth Parents

I am always looking for unique gift ideas for my son’s birth family.  While we see them about as often

When Your Child Asks, “Why Couldn’t I Live With My Birth Parents Like Everyone Else?”

There are some questions adoptive parents just dread hearing. It’s not because they are hurtful or they don’t want to

Reunion: 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Finding My Birth Parents

Many people who were adopted dream of one day being reunited with their birth family if they grew up in

5 Stereotypes About Birth Parents that Need to Die Now

When you think of birth parents, what stereotypes come to mind? Young, poverty stricken, unmarried, addicts, raped, etc? This article

Adoptive Mom Trying to Find Son’s Birth Parents Before He Goes Blind

We all know how important our roots and connection to our family is.  Open adoption is meant to prevent feelings

Birth Parents Reunited

Sometimes you hear these super sweet and romantic stories of love that end in such happiness. Boy meets girl, but

The Hospital & Birth Experience: Advice for Adoptive Parents

As adoptive parents, we often wonder what the hospital experience should or would look like. My most simple advice would

Birth Mother Spends 50 Years Looking For Her Daughter – Only To Find Her Living 11 Miles Away

When she was a teenager, Moira Hyslop became pregnant. She wasn’t given a choice regarding what to do: she was forced

Law Will Unseal Original Birth Certificates Of Adoptees In Arkansas

Shane Carter’s parents were always open with him about his adoption. He grew up in a loving home and was

Adopted 6-Year-Old Wants To Change His Name: Should His Parents Let Him?

Recently in Reddit, a mother posted a thread asking about whether or not she should allow her adopted 6-year-old to change

Quiz: Why Why Would Someone Who Was Adopted Search For Their Birth Family?

For people who weren’t adopted, an adopted person’s desire to search for birth family members can seem puzzling. When embarking

On Their Way To Meet Their New Baby, These Parents Got Some Shocking News

Allison and Josh thought that their family was complete with five children.  But, says Allison, “The Lord had a different plan

Birth Moms Are Motivated By Unconditional Love

I’ve heard a lot of birth moms talking about why they made the decision to place their babies for adoption,

Why Adoption Fundraising Is Necessary For Adopting Parents

There are a lot of obstacles in adoption and sometimes the cost associated with the adoption professionals is one of

To My Daughter’s Birth Mother: Our Door Is Always Open

Adoptive parents often get a bad rap for closing adoptions or weaseling our way into an adoption match by promising

Things I Wish All Adoptive Parents Knew

Sometimes we are just lost in a world of knowledge, trying to make our way through trial and error. But

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Adoptive Parents Aren’t Parents

It’s been all the rage in the adoption community and also making its rounds outside of that community and into

How My Boyfriend Reacted When I Told Him I Was a Birth Mom

Hearing from women who have placed their child with an adoptive family provides us insight and gives us knowledge on

Dear Future Adoptive Parents: 3 Bits of Advice While You Are Waiting for Your Baby

Adoptive parents have a lot of fears, insecurities and uncertainties while they wait for their match and placement. This article

Stop Bashing Birthmoms For Placing Their Babies For Adoption

People seem to think it’s completely OK to perpetuate the negative stereotypes of birth moms. Why is bashing these women

8 Reasons Why Adoptees Should Have Access to Their Original Birth Certificates

I luckily live in a state that recently enacted a law opening up birth certificates for adoptees that were 18

How I Handled Calls from Prospective Birth Mothers

This hopeful adoptive family created a profile then placed an ad seeking their adoption match.  When their phone started to

A day after Facebook post, St. Paul woman finds birth mother

We’ve all seen them. Facebook posts of people searching for their birth parents or child they placed for adoption. A

The Day I Found Adoptive Parents For My Twins

It’s not real common that you hear about twins in adoption. Read this beautiful story about a mother and the

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