...an agency these questions before making a choice. If you’re looking to place your baby for adoption, consider these seven adoption agencies in Florida...

Adoption Agencies in Florida

Expecting a baby can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. If you didn’t plan to become pregnant, and you’re feeling scared or unsure of what to do, here’s how to cope with an unplanned pregnancy. You can learn about what a crisis pregnancy center is and how they can help you. Read this if you’d like to know how the adoption process works. Maybe you’re curious about the adoption options. Read this article for more specific information on the adoption process in Florida if you’re curious about learning the ins and outs of the adoption process. Also don’t be afraid to ask an agency these questions before making a choice. If you’re looking to place your baby for adoption, consider these seven adoption agencies in Florida

  1. Adoption Authority 

Adoption Authority is an agency based in both Florida and Georgia. The agency is dedicated to treating their clients with compassion, respect, and loving care throughout their adoption journey. Also, Adoption Authority is dedicated to nurturing and honoring expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy, delivery, and post-adoption. 

In the expectant mother’s section, there’s a lot of information about your options, and how the agency can help you with each choice you make, free of judgment. They’ll help you with your adoption plan, step by step, and will let you choose the adoptive family for your baby. They have many services for expectant mothers, including the following:

  • Letting you decide if you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. 
  • Giving you the choice to continue contact after birth. 
  • Access to counseling before and after birth. 
  • Care and assistance during your pregnancy and after the baby is born. 
  • Being able to text an adoption specialist 24/7 at 904-236-6776.

The agency even has a section on the website for after placement. Their mission is to provide post-placement support that helps you get back on their feet. They do this by supporting, mentoring, respecting, training, and encouraging you, which helps you become self-sufficient. The On Your Feet program helps birth mothers obtain their GED, get their license, find stable/affordable housing, apply to get financial aid for college, develop their resume, gain needed interview skills to obtain a job, learn to budget effectively, and much more. 

If Adoption Authority is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call them at 904-236-6776, email [email protected], or send a letter to:

4940 Emerson Street,

Suite 103,

Jacksonville, Florida 32207

  1. Adoption and Family and Support Center

Established in 1992, Adoption and Family Support Center’s mission is to encourage a trusting and respectful environment where each member of the adoption triad can define their journey and complete their adoption goals. The agency creates enduring relationships with both birth parents and adoptive families, and they strive to be of service for as long as needed. Their hope is to share the love God has for each birth parent through unconditional and non-judgemental acceptance, and by showing genuine care. 

There’s a section on their website for expectant mothers that gives guidance about where to start on your adoption journey. Their goal is to make the adoption placing process a positive experience for everyone involved and be there to support you and your baby. They’re there to listen to you; you can call or text Angela anytime, day or night, at 386-852-9098. After the first time you call or text, you have a personal adoption advocate who helps you talk through your options with no pressure to choose adoption. You get the chance to be completely involved in choosing the adoptive family for your baby, and you can make a private adoption plan suitable for you and your baby. You can even hear stories from other birth mothers who have chosen adoption. 

The Adoption and Family Support Center helps expectant mothers like you in these ways: 

  • By giving you your own personal adoption advocate who will provide you with one-on-one support
  • By providing supportive adoption counseling
  • By having transportation for you to and from doctor appointments
  • By assisting with food stamps, WIC qualifications, and Medicaid 
  • By coordinating between you, the hospital, and the adoptive parents of your choice
  • By helping with living expenses. 

There’s also a birth parent support group you can be a part of called Placement From The Heart.

If the Adoption and Family Support Center is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call 386-852-9098.

  1. Family Creations Adoption

Family Creations Adoption Inc. is a private adoption agency licensed in the state of Florida as a Child Placing Agency that offers a full complement of clinical and adoption services for expectant mothers considering an adoption plan or needing assistance. Their mission is to bring precious children and loving families together in order to build strong families. They also strive to provide stability to expectant parents by offering pregnancy counseling options free of judgment. Their purpose is to provide nurturing and loving homes for children and services in a non-judgemental fashion without pressure or prejudice.

There’s a section on the website for expectant mothers that lets you know of your choices. They help you determine if adoption is right for you, offer assistance, inform you of your rights as a birth mother, and guide you through choosing the right adoptive parents. They offer real help to expectant mothers, with kind hearts, not judging or lecturing you, and not pressuring you into making a decision. They talk to you about your options, answer any questions you have, support you while you think about how you want to handle your situation, and provide therapy throughout the whole process. 

If Family Creations Adoption is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call 941-747-9225, email [email protected], or go to the Contact section on the website. 

  1. Heart of Adoptions

Created in 2001 by attorney Jeanne Tate, Heart of Adoptions is a private adoption agency committed to ensuring adoptions are legal while providing professional and personalized services. The agency’s mission is to create families through adoption by ensuring expectant mothers, birthparents, children, and adoptive families are treated as individuals with different needs, emotions, and situations. The agency is dedicated to treating you with dignity and respect, striving to make the adoption experience the best it can be. 

The pregnancy section on the website has a contact section where you can enter your information so a caring staff member can contact you and helpfully talk you through your options.

You’ll receive financial and medical assistance, housing and transportation, legal help, and counseling. The agency will also help you make an adoption plan. (You can read this article that explains what an adoption plan is exactly.) Further down the site, you can also read the frequently asked questions, watch videos of birth mothers, and even download a birth mother’s brochure. Post-adoption, you still receive support in the form of assistance obtaining your GED, help continuing your education, and guidance in finding a job (if you want). 

Heart of Adoptions has five office locations in Florida, and if this is the agency you’d like to work with you can call them toll free at 800-462-3678.

  1. A Bond of Love

Since 1992, A Bond of Love Adoption Agency has been helping birth mothers and families through the adoption process. They’re a licensed non-profit adoption agency that provides social and legal services to birth mothers and adoptive parents. The agency received the Angels in Adoption award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, and the reward honors the great work of those who helped the lives of foster children and adoptees. 

On the website, there’s a section for both expectant mothers and birth parents. Bond of Love believes that God has a special plan for you and your baby, whether your pregnancy was planned or not. They’re there for you 24/7 to support you through your pregnancy, and all of their services are free. The services they offer you include the following:

  •  financial assistance
  • counseling before and after the adoption placement
  • assistance with getting prenatal care
  • educating you so you can informedly choose an adoption plan for your baby
  • allow you to choose an adoptive family you trust to take the best care of your baby
  • an empowering system of caring and knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to honoring and listening to your needs and concerns 
  • friendship and support before and after adoption placement 

If A Bond of Love is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call (941)-957-0064, or go to the contact section.

  1. Gift of Life Adoptions

For the past 25 years, Gift of Life Adoptions has operated as a private adoption agency. Their office is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, but they are a statewide agency. The agency has been helping birth parents make adoption plans since 1994, and they go to great lengths to make sure the birth parents feel heard and respected throughout the adoption process. 

There’s a section on their website about services they offer expectant mothers, but they also offer counseling services for birth fathers and other family members involved in the adoption placing process. Services are free to birth parents, and the agency prides itself on being an agency that listens. At Gift of Life, you can expect the following:

  • You can choose and meet the adoptive family, and make a hospital plan. 
  • You can choose whether to have an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. 
  • You’ll receive assistance with WIC and Medicaid if you are eligible. 
  • You’ll be connected to peer support services and community resources. 
  • You’ll receive financial assistance and help with creating a budget for your living expenses from pregnancy up to 6 weeks after your baby’s birth. 
  • You may also receive help with electric and phone bills, rent, transportation costs, personal care, and buying maternity clothes. 
  • You’ll have a caring and compassionate caseworker helping you every step of the way. 

The caseworkers give you opportunities to talk with other birth mothers about their adoption placement stories, and if you want, she can also be a primary supporter during labor and delivery. 

  1. My Florida Adoptions LLC

Located in Clearwater Florida, My Florida Adoptions LLC is a private adoption agency made of experienced and caring staff. The agency strives to ensure that your privacy is sustained and you’re treated with the highest respect as you go about your adoption learning experience. The staff is always there if you have any questions about the adoption process.

The expectant mothers and birth parent section on the website lists the following services:

  • Assistance with selecting the adoptive family for your child
  • A case manager that offers support services
  • Help with creating an adoption plan that’s as open as you’d like
  • Assistance in receiving updates and photos of your child after placement
  • Getting your own attorney that’ll provide legal representation at no cost to you 
  • Private counseling to help you with your adoption placement decision and all of the emotions you’ll experience
  • Living expenses paid for up to six weeks after you deliver. (The hopeful adoptive family will help pay for food, rent, utilities, transportation, maternity clothes, and basic phone service.)
  • Confidentiality

If My Florida Adoptions is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call 727-233-3457 anytime, email [email protected], or go to the contact section. I hope one of these seven adoption agencies listed here in Florida will work for your adoption journey. If you find that none of these agencies work well for you, look at these agencies in Florida. If you’d like more information about adoption agencies in Florida, visit the guide to adoption agencies in Florida.

Kandice Confer