You Have The Power To Say, “I Will Not Let Their Story End Like This”

Noel Anaya spent 20 years in foster care. At the final court hearing held when he aged out of the system at 21, he read a letter he had written. The phrase that penetrated my heart the most was this: “I’m relieved to finally get away from a system that ultimately failed me on its biggest promise: That one day it would find me a family who would love me.”

I recently watched a Wednesday’s Child feature introducing a charming teenage girl who told the reporter interviewing her, “I’ve never really had a family thing, I just know it from the movies.”

There are thousands of teens in the foster care system who are desperately hoping for parents who will support them, guide them, teach them, and – most importantly – love them through all their ups and downs. They put their hearts out on the line by allowing their profiles to be shown in adoption photolistings, by being filmed for Wednesday’s Child features, by attending adoption events.

They want family. They need family. Life is a steep uphill climb for kids who have aged out of foster care. Their story does not have to end this way.

Meme from Connected Hearts Ministry.

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