Woman discovers her co-worker is her birth mom

Closed adoptions present more strange scenarios than just not knowing your roots or identity. Some people live in the same community, attend the same schools, work at the same companies and sometimes are even friends with their birth relatives without even knowing. That is the story of Jenny Thomas who reunited with her birth mother who was her co-worker!

Co-Worker – Jenny Thomas reunited with her birth mother, Nita Valdez, thanks to a new TV show, “Long Lost Family,” which premieres Sunday on TLC.

Jenny Thomas has known she was adopted since the age of 4. With very little information known about her birth mother (besides that she was from Rochester, NY, where Thomas, 40, still lives), she would find herself peering into women’s faces, wondering if any could be her mom.

After spending more than 15 years intermittently trying to track her down on the Internet, it wasn’t until Thomas signed up for the new TLC reality show “Long Lost Family” that she learned the truth: She had not only seen her birth mother before, but worked alongside her for two years.

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