Why You Should Consider Foster Care If You’re Infertile

“Let foster care be your first option, not your last,” writes Brittany Cover, a foster mom who knows the pain of infertility.

When couples are facing infertility, foster care is often far from their minds as an alternative route to parenthood. But this needs to change, says Cover. “There are 500,000 children in our country right now who would love to have you think of them and bring them into your home.”

She writes, “For nearly three years, the world was a hard place to be. Walking past the Target baby section, grocery store parking lots, the nursery at church on Sunday morning, and logging onto Facebook all brought grief daily”

She’s been there. And she’s aware that when couples look at alternative ways of becoming parents, foster parenting is usually at the bottom of the list, if it’s there at all. But, she writes, foster parenting helps the country’s most vulnerable children while also helping redress the wounds of childlessness.

People often brush off the possibility of foster care by saying it would be too hard, or the children would have too many issues. Will there be challenges? Yes. But ALL parenting has challenges. Are there unknowns? Yes. But there are never guarantees in this life.

Read her thoughts here.

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Rachel Skousen

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