Why Adoption Fundraising Is Necessary For Adopting Parents

There are a lot of obstacles in adoption and sometimes the cost associated with the adoption professionals is one of the biggest ones. There are many arguments against fundraising for an adoption, but in this article, it talks about the reasons why fundraising shouldn’t be shunned or discouraged. Do you agree?

Why Adoption Fundraising Is Necessary For Adopting Parents

A lot of people don’t understand adoption, much less adoption fundraising.

They wonder why adoptive parents expect others to foot the bill to “buy” them a child and make them happy.

They wonder why it’s so expensive.

They wonder why people don’t just give money to birth moms to help them raise the amount of money needed to raise their own child.

They wonder why adoptive parents can’t just save and pay the money all by themselves.

But all of those wonderings are shrouded in misunderstanding.

Some people don’t understand that part of the money goes to home studies, which ensure that the adoptive family has the necessary social, emotional and financial standings necessary to raise a child.

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