White Privilege And Transracial Adoption

“White privilege is the ability to go about your day and not have to worry about small things like being suspicious while buying your cereal, or whether or not you’re going to get a job interview because your name isn’t a ‘white’ name.”

– Aubree, of Two Peas From Different Pods

Aubree and her husband, Matt, are white parents who have two children, just three months apart in age: one white and one black. As a transracial adoptive parent, Aubree has learned a lot about what white privilege means and what it means to adoptive parents.

When white parents adopt a child from a different race, writes Aubree, it’s essential that they understand and acknowledge their own white privilege – and then it’s important that they acknowledge the importance of social mirrors, that they identify cultural barriers their child might encounter, and that they understand that “color blindness” is not a good thing.

Read her thoughts here.

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