What Should They Call Me? A Question For Foster/Adoptive Parents.

What do adopted/foster children call their foster/adoptive parents? This question, posed on the question-and-answer platform Quora, produced a variety or responses from both adoptive/foster parents and people who lived in foster homes and/or were adopted as children.

A sampling of responses:

“Our daughter told us when we first met her that she would call us Mom and Dad . . . so she did and she does.”

“I never had them call me something they may not like.”

“Be really careful about pushing ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ on kids who still have regular visitation with their biological parents, as it can be really confusing!”

“It just doesn’t feel natural to call someone mom or dad when they come into your life past young childhood. Or at least it didn’t for me.”

“We allowed anything that was respectful.”

Read their complete answers here.

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