What One Mom Learned From Adopting A Child With Cerebral Palsy

The Smallwood family never thought cerebral palsy would be such a huge part of their lives. Christina Smallwood and her husband learned they had infertility issues over a year after they had decided to try and have children. It was a shock and disappointment for them both. But then they began the path to adoption.

After months of paperwork, interviews, and waiting, they were matched with an expectant parent. Shortly after the match was made, the birth mother went into labor at 30 weeks. Smallwood missed the birth of her child due to the unexpectancy of the situation. Once they were able to meet their child, love filled their hearts for their little daughter.

A few days after Finley’s birth, doctors found a small malformation in her brain. Then at her 15-month appointment, Finley was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. Doctors believed Finley would never walk on her own.

It’s been an adjustment having a child with special needs, but the Smallwood family has been working hard to get the treatments Finley needs to have as many avenues available as possible. Cerebral palsy has been a way for the family to connect with other special needs families and share their story to bring awareness about cerebral palsy, adoption, and infertility.

You can learn more about the family, the #daretodance project, and how Finley is doing these days by checking out their blog here.

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