What It Takes To Be A Birth Mom

Tori, a birth mom in an open adoption, shares a little bit about her experience of healing after placing a child for adoption. She also has some advice for adoptive couples and birth moms:

“Things start to look better and feel better about life. It was obviously really hard, but at the end of the day, I always, always knew that what I did was the best thing. I didn’t have any regrets . . . I gave her what I couldn’t give her. I knew I could give her love. She has all my love – she still does. And I knew I could give her that but there’s things that I couldn’t give her. I couldn’t give her a family. Over time, it got easier and easier as I lived my life and started doing things again.”

Open adoption has made all the difference for Tori. She says, “I would hope that adoptive couples would consider open adoption. I know it’s really hard for some adoptive couples because they want that child to be 100% theirs. So I would really hope that they would consider the openness, have an open mind and an open heart. It helps the child and the parent who gave the child to have peace in their life and know that their child is okay. And it’s good for the child to know she wasn’t just given away.”

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