What Is Placing A Baby For Adoption Really Like?

After surveying birth mothers, this article summarizes the feelings that women have when placing a baby for adoption.  We often try to visualize what it would be like if faced with an unplanned pregnancy, but until we are in that situation, it is hard to really conceptualize the true emotions that are present with adoption placement. This article gives us a real glimpse.

What is it really like to place a baby for adoption?

Although everyone has an opinion about birthmothers and their decision to place, the inner workings of that decision still remain a mystery to many people.

That’s why this article published in Cosmopolitan earlier this week is worth reading.

Based on interviews with four anonymous birthmothers ages 24 to 33, “What It’s Really Like to Place Your Baby For Adoption” takes readers behind-the-scenes, sharing the women’s placement stories and how the experience has changed their lives.

All members of the adoption triad will find many points of interest in these first-hand accounts. But for anyone who’s hoping to find an adoption match with an expectant other or thinking about creating an adoption plan for her baby, these stories will be of particular interest.

To read the full article, click here.


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