Welcome Home, Rose And Joseph

Welcome home, Rose and Joseph.

After a year-long battle to bring their children home, Doug and Brooke Waller are finally celebrating being one with their family again. The couple ran into roadblocks with the U.S. Immigration Services when they found out the children’s parents were still alive but were willing to turn over their rights to the Wallers. A long appeal process ensued, but the Wallers would not give up on their two little ones.

“We keep reminding ourselves, we will not leave our children behind. And even though we have to leave them for a flight, we will not leave them for a lifetime,” Brooke Waller told the news. “We’ve loved on them, we’ve cared for them, and to finally see today come is just a huge answer to prayer.”

Though the struggle was hard, though the Wallers had to wait a year to hold their children again, they did not give up. They kept fighting. Why? Because they are parents, and their children needed them.

What battles have you fought for your children? How many miles or years would you walk or wait to hold them again? We know the answer, but tell us in the comments below.

Read more about the Wallers here. 

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