Perspective. Point of view. The way you look at things. Is the cup half empty or half full or are you just glad that you have a cup? Does the word fierce have a positive or negative connotation?

On the morning of November 17, 1984, I was done. DONE. My baby’s due date had come and gone eleven days prior. I was huge, had to pee every ten seconds, couldn’t breathe, and was simply miserable. I detested those women who say that they love how they feel when they are pregnant. I’d had “morning sickness” 24/7 since the second I conceived for 42+ weeks. This baby needed to come out, NOW!

My perspective changed later that day as labor got into the full swing of things. I knew it was going to hurt, but I didn’t expect this. It could stop now. I didn’t need to have a baby today. Later that evening, I was the proud owner of a disgustingly squishy belly as I took in the delightful smell of my newborn son. Love, joy, amazement, rapture and being dang proud of what I created exuded from every cell of my being.

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