Waiting For His Forever Family: Meet Andrew

Andrew is a teenage boy with a sweet smile who took a tour of the news studio as part of his Wednesday’s Child feature and showed great interest in the way things were done behind the scenes. When asked what he wants to do professionally someday, Andrew mentioned that he was good with electronics.

Andrew has been in foster care for about 9 years. He has two siblings: an older brother, who aged out of the system, and a younger sister, who was adopted. His adoption recruiter says,”Since she was adopted, it’s been Andrew’s dream to be adopted. Even though he’s a bit older, he’s never given up on a forever family.” Andrew has been in foster care for about 9 years, but it’s hope that he will meet a family and they will know that he belongs with them.

To learn more about adopting Andrew, call 1-88-to-adopt-me or email [email protected]

Watch the video about him here.

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