Unspeakable Joy: Adopting A Child With Complex Special Needs

“When we finally made it to China Savannah was 3 years old, 11 pounds, no teeth, no hair, no suck reflex, no head control, with a raspy cry, beyond dry skin, and covered in scabies. She was so vacant and weak that she didn’t even react when I took her from the nanny. I fell in love with her immediately.”

Amy Meeker had never considered herself the sort of person who could adopt a child with special needs. When she and her husband began the process of adopting their daughter, Savannah, from China, they knew that she had some developmental delays but assumed they were due to life in an orphanage and would soon be overcome. Such was not the case. She recalls, “The officials suggested that we return Savannah to her orphanage and come back in a few months for a ‘better baby.'”

But they didn’t want a better baby – they wanted their baby. And Savannah was theirs. Despite fears about her future. Despite fears about their inadequacies as parents.

Read their story here. 

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