Unique Challenges in Domestic Infant Adoption

When I started my adoption journey, I reached out to local support groups and anyone I knew with a connection to adoption for advice. I quickly learned that every story was different. I often got vague answers, because they too knew that no two journeys were the same.  Each adoption comes with unique experiences and challenges.

Every adoption has its challenges and joys. Keep swimming forward.

Starting the adoption process is a scary first step.

Jumping into domestic infant adoption made our heads spin. Was this the right path for us? My decision-making process was not very scientific. I simply made choices based on who contacted me the soonest. For the first time in my life I did not overanalyze decisions. Which agency? Who called me first. Who did our home study? Whoever could meet with us soonest. How fast could I get our home study completed? How quick were waiting families matched within the agency we chose? Once my husband gave the go-ahead to adopt, I wanted that ball not just rolling, but dashing head over heels down the hill.

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Sarah - Content Specialist for adopting.org, is a mother both biologically and through domestic infant open adoption. She resides with her husband and two boys in Ohio. She is passionate about open adoption and adoption education. In her free time she enjoys cooking, photography, writing, and hiking. You can find more of her adoption work at Heart For Open Adoption on Facebook or on Adoption.com.

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