Top 10 Tips For Answering Your Child’s Questions

Adoption relationships with birth parents can sometimes be tricky.  Even in an open adoption, sometimes not everyone is in contact or contact is lost.  How do you answer those tricky questions your child has?  Here is an article that offers 1o tips to navigate those questions.

Top 10 Tips For Answering Your Child’s Questions About a Birth Parent You’re Not in Contact With

Ideas from birth moms and adoptive moms.

10 – Encourage your adopted child to ask any and all questions they have.

9 – “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable answer.

8 – Answer questions honestly or to the best of your ability.

7 – Remember what attracted you to them and share their best qualities.

6 – Explain why you don’t have contact with them or why they don’t have contact with the adopted child (if you know).

5 – Think about how you would want someone else to answer for you, if you were the one without contact.

4 – Ask clarifying questions to learn and understand what the child is really wanting to know.

3 – Create a positive view point, regardless of circumstances.

2 – Acknowledge and validate their feelings and emotions.

1 – Reassure your child of the love you, and everyone involved, has for them.

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