This Is What It’s Like To Visit The Son I Placed For Adoption

As someone with a very open adoption as well as a parent who openly talks about adoption and roles of our family it’s easy for me to just feel like the conversation is normal.  But my son is a similar age as Leo and yet, I am still surprised at his level of understanding at times.  When his birth parents visit him, they are constantly amazed at him.

This Is What It’s Like To Visit The Son I Placed For Adoption

This past summer, while I was visiting my son, I discovered that he knows what a “birth mother” is. I wasn’t sure that he knew, but it turns out he does. We were filling up water balloons in the park, standing in a long line at a water fountain. I struggled to keep the balloons intact as I filled them up, trying not to break them with my fingernails or lose all the water as I tied the stem. I was sure I’d be seen as a failure in Leo’s eyes if I screwed up water balloons. But he looked at me and said, “I want a yellow one. You take a yellow one. Guess what? We have the same color. And guess what? I grew in your tummy and you’re my birth mother.” It all tumbled out of him at once, very simply, very straight-forward, as if he’d known this truth all this life. Leo is 4 years old. I placed him in an open adoption in 2012, after getting pregnant while being broke, single, and an artist. It remains one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.

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