This Is Us Season 2 Trailer Will Have You In Tears

If you’re like most of America, you’ve been anxiously waiting for season two of This is Us to start back up. And this teaser trailer has left us on the edge of our seats, stocking up on tissues, and wanting more.

In the trailer, Randall confesses that his wife, Beth, is struggling with the adoption. (You’ll remember that Randall dropped the bomb of wanting to adopt on Beth at the end of last season.) So Randall asks how his mother, Rebecca, and father, Jack, came to decide on adopting him just hours after losing one of their triplets in birth.

Rebecca, like a good mom, counters with saying “It’s complicated.” But Randall isn’t taking that for an answer. That’s when Rebecca drops another bomb. She said no to Randall. But don’t worry, America, Jack is here to save the day.

Rebecca says, “[Jack] pushed a stranger on me. And that stranger became my child. And that child became my life.”

Okay, isn’t that the sweetest? Adoption stems from loss, as we’ve seen throughout the show. Loss comes from all sides of the adoption triad. But out of loss can come beauty. The beautiful new family, the beautiful moments together, and the beauty of reuniting. This is Us is a game-changer for the adoption community because of it’s accuracy and truth-telling of adoption.

This is Us premieres September 26th so set your DVRs and get your tissues ready.

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