This Is My Birth Mother

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This is my birth mother

Those are the word’s adoptee Emily Potts writes to start her narrative. This is my birth mother. Emily recounts how this photo of her birth mother is often mistaken for herself. Emily and her birth mother are so similar in looks. From the slightly crooked tooth to most of Emily’s facial features, Emily is the vision of her birth mother.

Emily’s birth mother became pregnant in her early twenties. During that era, unwed pregnant women were sent to a maternity home. Emily writes that although placing her for adoption must have been incredibly difficult for her birth mom, this ultimate sacrifice was for the best.

Sadly, Emily never got to meet her birth mother. Emily’s birth mother was tragically killed in a car accident six months after Emily’s adoption. Though she still has some identity issues, her wondering of who she looks like is easily answered in photos of her birth mother.

” This is my birth mother .” Emily looked for a while for her birth mother when her birth mother had dead for her whole life. But Emily is grateful for the photos and for being able to see her birth mother in her children’s physical traits as well. Her birth mother has passed on something that will always be remembered by Emily.

Emily was able to reunite with her birth mother’s sister and mother.

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