This Adoption Took More Than A Village: It Took Hillary Clinton

Politics aside, sometimes we forget to see the people behind the platform. It can be said about anyone, we see what the media shows us, what we want to see, what we hope to see. This is just one story about the person behind the presidential candidacy. A story that shares how Hillary Clinton helped a family in need during their adoption journey.

This Adoption Took More Than A Village: It Took Hillary Clinton

I have tried to write this story before. It’s an adoption story. It’s painful. It’s personal. It is not easy to share. But with Hillary haters working overtime to dismiss, deride and defame her as the embodiment of all evil, I feel an obligation to speak. Because Hillary Clinton plays an essential role in this story. Although she is unlikely to remember us, she helped changed our lives forever.

Every adoption story is different; many begin with loss. Loss of a pregnancy. Loss of fertility. Loss of hope. Ours was no different.

But our story ends with joy, a baby boy with a wide smile, who grew to be a kind, thoughtful and funny young man. I am grateful to his birth mother. I am grateful for every day that he is in my life. And I am grateful to Hillary Clinton, whose simple act of kindness made all the difference.

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