The DNA Detective: How DO You Trace Your Family After You’ve Been Abandoned As a Newborn Baby?

Julia Bell has been interested in helping people find their biological roots for almost her entire life. It began with her mother, who was adopted as a baby but always wondered who her biological parents were. After decades of helping her mother track down her birth family, Julie has continued to help other people learn more about who they are and where they came from. She says, “‘It brings about an amazing sense of completion for people who have been waiting their whole lives to find out who they really are. I feel very strongly that people have a right to know where they come from.”

Having DNA testing available as a tool for people searching for birth families has been a real game-changer, but sometimes it’s not as simple as submitting a saliva sample. Fortunately, Julia is there to help, at no cost to her clients. “Advances in DNA testing mean databases can reveal even very distant matches,” she told The Daily Mail. “If you have a close match such as a half sibling it’s quite straightforward but the difficulty comes when there are a series of more distant matches. You need someone who knows how to interpret everything that’s there.”

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