‘Teen Mom’ Star Tyler Baltierra’s Emotional Instagram Post About Adoption

When Teen Mom OG Stars Tyler Baltierra and his wife, Catelyn Lowell, placed their daughter for adoption, a lot of television viewers were given insight into the perspective of birth parents for the first time. In his post, he shared,”Adoption is complex. It’s been 4 years since I stared at a picture of Carly & just sobbed. It happens randomly…randomly just happened to be this morning.” Although it’s been 8 years since he and Catelyn chose adoption for their daughter, this post illustrates that birth parent grief, even many years after placement, can be very present and poignant.

His post elicited a lot of supportive comments from fans, including one from a fan who remarked, “My daughter is adopted and watching You and @catelynnmtv has been such an eye opener for how Birth parents feel. Thank you for sharing your stories. It’s really been helpful seeing the other side.”

 See the original Instagram post here.

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