Teen Adopted After Spending 2,310 Days In Foster Care

2,310 days. 3 adoption specialists. 24 caseworkers. 3 attorney ad litems. 11 placements. 1 legal support specialist. 2 judges. 8 attorneys. But one family to say “yes”

Dawn Bailey was NOT interested in adoption. But God led her and her husband, Brad, to Chase for a reason: he was meant to be a part of their family.

“It’s not been an easy road,” she says, “. . . but we’ve tried to teach him over the past six months that he’s been here that he’s loved no matter what mistakes he’s made.”

Chase says, “Every kid – even if they’re a teenager or not – need a chance, needs to be in a home,” says Chase Bailey, who, after spending years in foster care, has finally been adopted into his forever family.

“They are not going to let you go, no matter what. Trust me, I know. I’ve tried. Just knowing the fact that you’re not going anywhere that kind of reels you in and helps you understand that they’re not here to hurt you, they’re here to help you.”

“There’s not a doubt in our mind that this is not something we were supposed to do,” says his mother. “We knew that this child needed a home – and it didn’t matter what age he was, and it didn’t matter his background – he needed a mom and a dad and a family.”

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