Tamra Explains Her Choice To Place Her Child For Adoption

In this short video, Tamra, a birth mother, explains why she chose to place Justin for adoption. She knows that she would have been a good parent for Justin, but it wasn’t a matter of what was good for Justin but what was and is best for Justin.

Tamra had a closed adoption with her son for most of Justin’s life, but Tamra acknowledges that an open adoption has so many benefits for the adoptees. Though Tamra’s story did not have an open adoption to start with, she loves that since their reunion, she gets to be part of his life.

Although Justin has an adoptive mother who loves him, she has many health problems lately that have been limiting her involvement in Justin’s life. Justin’s birth mother is honored to get to be a part of Justin’s mom’s support. She gets to help out in ways that his adoptive mom can’t just now.

The honest intentions behind birth mothers is important to remember. Though there are many stereotypes and fears surrounding birth parents, for the most part birth parents just want to be part of their child’s life. Birth parents could even be the perfect addition to the support system of adoptive parents.

Birth parents are known by many to be some of the most selfless people. They have made an ultimate sacrifice by letting another family raise their child. Tamra acknowledges that this can be hell, but it can also be quite wonderful. Though adoption is, at it’s roots, about loss, it can be about getting more family and finding love and peace within each of us.

Birth moms, what do you think of Tamra’s words? Adoptive parents, what have you learned from this video? Let us know in the comments!

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