biological family

I was the first blood relative my mother ever laid eyes on

An appalling and outdated law means thousands of New Zealanders still have no access to information about their identities. Bonnie


Looking through old family slides, we reminisce about memories and may see characteristics and features that resemble ours in our

Never to be Lost Again: A Reunion Story

Many people who were adopted or placed a child for adoption dream about reuniting with the other. After many years

Biology and Biography

Kinda like a nature and nurture, so much goes into who you are, who you become and what your family

5 Reasons Why Biology Matters To An Adoptee.

While love doesn’t require biology by any means, it doesn’t eliminate the need for a person to understand their roots

Fifty Questions for Family History Interviews

In an open adoption, you can never suffer from too many answers. Here is a great list to get started

Family Isn’t Always Blood

Friends, step-family, in-laws, etc.  It doesn’t take DNA to bring people together and form a long lasting beautiful new family.

35 Photos Of Adopted Siblings That Show Family Is About Love, Not DNA

Love makes a family. I love my husband. I love my step-siblings. I love my in-laws. I love my children

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