Threaded Together By Love

Threaded Together by Love, by Michelle Madrid-Branch I am a mother of three amazing kids. Their ages are: fourteen, twelve,

Prioritizing Attachment

Prioritizing Attachment School sucks. I was briefly so excited about the start of school.  School keeps us regulated. It provides

honeymoon, interrupted

honeymoon, interrupted In all of the adoption books we read in preparation for Kembe’s homecoming, the experts described a honeymoon

When They Don’t Listen: School Edition

When They Don’t Listen: School Edition Remember when I realized at the end of summer that we kinda hate school because

Co-sleeping and adoption – Why we did it

I remember thinking my brother and sister-in-law were crazy for cosleeping.  Babies have slept in cribs for ages. I like

4 Tips For Announcing Your Plans To Adopt

I can remember when we announced we were going to adopt.  We anticipated joyful reactions that our family would soon

Adopting As A Single Parent: What You Need To Know

Haven’t found Mr. or Mrs. Right yet or don’t really care to? Do you think that might hold you back

Talking About Sex With Adopted Children

Are you wondering how to talk about sex with your child? Does the fact that you are explaining conception that

Celebrities And Their Adopted Children

Celebrate National Adoption Day with stars and their children. YAHOO Celebrity joins many throughout the country who have been celebrating

Consequences of Openness in Adoption

Do you hear the word consequences and automatically think it means something bad? Most of us do. This article will

I KNEW Adoption Was The Right Choice For Me

Sometimes you just get a gut feeling that something is supposed to be.  This birth mother felt a very strong

National Adoption Month. 4 adoption resources for families considering adoption.

Four resources for families that are considering adoption, including one charity that helps families complete adoptions through adoption grants. 4

Adopting An Older Child: What To Expect The First Year | National Adoption Month

When adopting a child, you may be wondering what it will be like once you are home and there are

Is believing adoption Win-Win ok?

Adoption always involves loss. It can be a wonderful option but not one to be taken lightly! We should never

2017 Adoption Tax Credit Announced

Are you wondering what it will look like if you are planning to adopt in the near future? The information

he’s not yours, is he?

The questions that come in from curious stranger can seem invasive and rude at times. They likely don’t mean to

Introducing the National Adoption Month 2016 Theme: “We Never Outgrow The Need For Family — Just Ask Us”

Each year a new theme is created around National Adoption Month to create buzz and draw attention to adoption, more

3 Thankful Gifts to Send to Your Child’s Birth Parents

I am always looking for unique gift ideas for my son’s birth family.  While we see them about as often

My Son’s Birth Mom Sounds Passive Aggressive. Help?

We all have passive aggressive people in our lives.  Instead of directly voicing their concern or asking outright for something,

This Adoption Took More Than A Village: It Took Hillary Clinton

Politics aside, sometimes we forget to see the people behind the platform. It can be said about anyone, we see

Secondary Trauma: How Your Child’s Special Needs May Be Affecting You.

Taking an older child into your home and family, you expect the trauma. You read, you educate, you prepare yourself

Adoption Books for Kids

MY BOOKS I want adopted kids, especially my own kids, to be proud of who they are, of where they

When Love Is Not Enough

I am sharing this post about the insecurities that plague me when I realize what my children have lost in

How Not to Handle Your Own Ignorance On the Internet

We have all found ourselves triggered by a topic on the Internet or in the throws of a heated argument

Introducing – Adoption Stuff Worth Sharing

We are blessed to have as our parent company and the support is astounding! Thanks for the shout-out from

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