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We are blessed to have as our parent company and the support is astounding! Thanks for the shout-out from

5 Things Family and Friends Need to Understand About Our Adoption

While becoming a parent through adoption fulfills many needs for both child and adoptive parents, there are many things people

6 Perks to Being an Adoptive Mom

Many people question their ability to love a child through adoption the same way they would a child that was

3 Things I Learned from the Adoption Process

When we started our adoption journey, I dove right in and thought I knew it all from the little bit

Our Broken And Beautiful Adoption

Adoption is beautiful, but it also often comes with broken pieces. Every person has a history and a story.  Adoption

What Not to Say to Adoptive Parents

Seems people always say the worst possible thing at the worst time. If you are an adoptive family, you’ve probably

10 Things Adoptees Want You to Know

Written from the perspective an adoptee, they share some intimate details about the core being of themselves and where they

Adoption Myths Guide

There is no shortage of false information when it comes to adoption. How can you be sure the info you

“Are You My Mother?”

Sometimes our kids ask us really scary questions when it comes to our adoption.  If we aren’t prepared for the

Biology and Biography

Kinda like a nature and nurture, so much goes into who you are, who you become and what your family

Being Open About Adoption

As adoptive parents, we usually try to give them information about their story and history pertaining to their adoption or

I Didn’t Give you the Gift of Life

Every time someone finds out I adopted my son, they often thank or praise me.  I know that they are

7 Reforms I’d Like to See in Private Domestic Adoption

Before I entered the world of adoption, I just assumed it was a heavily regulated process and would not have

Balance Beam of Parenthood

Parenting is a constant balancing act. Adoption adds another layer to balance as well.  How do you do it? How

5 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Talking About Adoption!

Do you feel like as an adoptive parent you empathize too much with adoptees or birth parents and maybe your

Heart is at Peace

An open adoption story. We’re currently a waiting family that had always had a heart for adoption, but due to

5 Trainings I Wish My Agency Had Provided

In my adoption journey, I wished I had received far more trainings than was required and offered from my agency

Having Someone to Love is Family

It’s often said blood is thicker than water.  But, love is thicker than blood is another awesome quote I recently

7 Ways You Can Volunteer in Adoption

It’s National Volunteer Recognition Day and I love that! I work hard in many areas to help education, advocate and

To The People Who Say “I Could Never Give My Kid Up For Adoption”

Well meaning people say really awkward things.  This birth mom addresses some of the things said to her. What have

Adopting a Drug Addicted Baby – Raising Him to Reach His Potential

Doug and Deanne Walker have adopted 19 children. They have experiences from a very broad spectrum. In this portion of

Stuff People Say to Foster Parents

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, how did you just allow yourself to say that out loud? People

A Birthmom’s Love

A Birthmom’s Love A mother’s love is the very definition of unconditional and unselfish love. It is putting your child’s

Our Placement Story

Every adoption placement story is different. Venture into the inner lives of this family and their open adoption through a

Adopting Four Brothers: Video

A beautiful story about sibling adoption.  This family decides to not just adopt one child, but four brothers, keeping this

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