I Could Have Said No.

Sometimes you think you know what type of adoption you want and then you come across a situation that pulls

Gotcha Day: Why We Don’t Celebrate Our Son’s Adoption

In the adoption world there are mixed feelings on celebrating a child joining your family.  A yearly celebration of the

Why Make the Decision to Adopt?

The decision to adopt isn’t one that most families make lightly. A lot of consideration goes into the process. Often

What to Do if You’re Hoping to Adopt Without an Agency and It’s Not Working

If you are hoping to adopt but would rather try your hand at doing it without an agency, here are

Where to Start When Considering Adoption

If you are considering adoption as a way to grow your family, this is the right article for you. This

Wednesday’s Child: Damon

News4’s Barbara Harrison introduces us to Damon, a studious 13-year-old boy with a passion for science. To learn more about

Consider What You Can Do

Do you have a heart for adoption? Many people consider adopting but their family is already complete or they don’t

From the Moment

The moment my son hand was handed to me, the second my eyes met his, he felt like he belonged.

Adoption Tattoo

Many people like to symbolize their events in life by tattoos on their body.  Adoption themed tattoos are no exception

How to Tell Your Kids They’re Adopted

A question many adoptive parents get asked is “Will you tell him he’s adopted?” The short answer is yes.  The

Adoption Information

How much adoption information do you have on children in foster care? Have you ever wondered about the children who

Is Adopting from Foster Care Right For You? [Quiz]

Are you considering adopting from foster care? Building your family through adoption is not for everyone and in that comes

13,000 Pounds of Shoes for Adoption

With five biological children, Bethany and her husband are working toward adopting a little girl from China.  In order to

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