Should We Shake Hands? The Day I Met My Birth Mother

When I meet someone after chatting with them online or on the phone for awhile, I often wonder how to greet them.  Do we shake hands, hug, wave, what? Imagine if that person is your birth mother!

Part two of my adoption reunion story.

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I will never forget the first time I saw her. It was August, and I was pacing back and forth in my parents’ living room, waiting for them to bring her over. I took a moment to straighten the stack of family photo albums we had gathered on the living room table. My mind was swimming faster than I could keep my hands busy:

Should I introduce myself when she gets here?
Are we supposed to shake hands?

I hope she hugs me when we meet.
I bet she’s a hugger.

I wonder if we have the same color hair?
I hope she likes me.
What if I disappoint her?
I want to be everything she hoped for and more.
Is this shirt okay?

Good thing I wore waterproof mascara.

I heard a car door slam and I raced to the window. Peering through the blinds, I saw my birth mother walk around to the front of the car. She was adjusting her hair the way I do, by pulling it into a ponytail and dropping it over her shoulders again. I watched her the whole way up my driveway. I took in every detail: the way she swung her purse onto her shoulder, the way she adjusted her hair again, the way she focused on her feet climbing up our hill. I stood in the entryway and counted the seconds until my parents opened the door.  She stepped inside.  My heart leaped up into my throat.

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