She Wasn’t Expected To Survive. Thanks To Adoption, She Is Thriving.

When Kaylee Berro was born, she wasn’t expected to survive. She was 6 weeks premature. She tested positive for 8 narcotics, plus marijuana and alcohol. She didn’t have eyebrows or toenails. There was water on her brain and her lungs were not fully developed.

She was immediately taken from her birth parents and placed with a loving adoptive family. “They said I wouldn’t be able to walk or talk or really have a normal life,” Kaylee told the Fairborn Daily Herald.

Her withdrawals from cocaine lasted an excruciating two weeks. She was in an out of the hospital. The doctors were worried about respiratory failure. Her siblings slept under her crib to make sure she was okay during the night

But through her family’s devotion to her well-being, Kaylee began to recover. She began to put on weight after six months. And now? “I don’t really have any health issues now,” said Kaylee, who is an honor’s student and active participant in 4H.

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