Rumors Confirmed: Madonna IS Working To Adopt Twins From Malawi

It’s gone back and forth in the news over the past week: A Malawian High Court official announced that Madonna had applied to adopt two children from Malawi, while she denied any rumors that she was adopting again. However, the official, judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula, is standing by the announcement, stating, “We have no time to be lying to the general public when they know the truth of the matter. We have the file, we have everything, we have all the documentation and the matter will be determined by the judge soon. If the court grants her an adoption order, she will have the twins this time around.”

Madonna’s two youngest children, David Banda and Mercy James, were both adopted from Malawi, and it looks like the Material Girl is on the path to add two more Malawian children to her brood.

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