Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Using Social Media To Help With Adoption?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

It seems like almost everyone spends some time on social media. Some love it more than others, but even those not generally prone to spending long hours scrolling through their Facebook feeds might find that social media improves their adoption experience.

Adoptive mom Elizabeth Curry confesses, “I am not exactly a social media maven . . . I don’t use Twitter or Instagram or whatever the current cool social media platform is. I will also be the first to admit that it took me a long, long time to join the Facebook bandwagon. It always felt just a wee bit creepy to me. Frankly, in some ways it still feels a wee bit creepy, but I have found so many other positive benefits to it, that they seem to override the creepiness. Many of these benefits relate specifically to adoption or my adopted children.”

Read her article about the benefits of social media in adoption, then take this quiz to see how much you learned. 

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