Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Adoption And Infertility?

Did you know that adoption is not a cure for infertility?

Many people believe that the emotional pain that accompanies infertility will be solved by adoption. Not true, writes adoptive mom Shelley Skuster. Adoption addresses the issue of childlessness, but it doesn’t lessen the pain of being unable to conceive biological children. It’s important that people experiencing infertility understand the importance of addressing and grieving infertility before moving forward with an adoption.

So read Shelley’s article, then take this quiz to see how much you’ve learned about adoption and infertility!

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Rachel Skousen

Rachel has a long-held passion for adoption that was sealed through her work as the content manager at Adoption.com. She currently works as a content specialist at Adopting.org, finding and sharing amazing adoption content from across the web. She is a mom of three and loves reading and napping in her spare time.

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