Placing My Son For Adoption: Tamra’s Story

“What I wanted was five years down the road, fifty years down the road, on my death bed, I wanted to know that what I had done for my son was right.”

When Tamra became pregnant at the age of 17, adoption was at the very bottom of her list of considerations. To her, adoption meant that she would be “broken forever.” But as she spent time on her knees, praying for assistance in finding the right pathway to follow, her heart was turned toward the choice she didn’t want to make.

“At seventeen years old,” she reflects, “It’s really hard to forget yourself. It’s really hard to eliminate yourself from an equation. So here I am, problem solving, and it’s really difficult for me to completely omit what i feel, what I think, what I want, and even what I think I need. But at the moment that I did, at the moment that I said, ‘Come what may for Tamra, what does it mean for my son? What’s best for my child?’ And that was the prayer I hadn’t offered. And I said, ‘Dear Lord, forget me. What is best for my son?’ And at that moment I really put it all on the altar, in terms of my own heart, my own will, what I wanted, and what I felt. And at that moment it became crystal clear.”

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