Photographer Captures Powerful Moment Adoptive Parents First Meet Their Daughter

David and Sarah Olson had been waiting and praying for a baby girl for a long time. When they got the phone call that there was a baby waiting for them several states away, they knew they wanted this momentous occasion well-documented. So they called their friend, photographer Kristen Anne Prosser, to capture their journey to their daughter and the first precious moments they spent with her.

It was a good call, as the photos capture a tremendous amount of emotion and love.

Of meeting her daughter, Sarah wrote, “If you have ever watched a movie, watched a birth of any sort, or even had a child of your own, there is a moment that the mother sees her child for the first time and her face speaks volumes where words fall short. There is a recognition in her eyes that this little human is hers. That is the same feeling we had when we saw her. There was a recognition that this little girl was OURS. We felt the same emotional, spiritual connection with our boys. The tremendous power of adoption is once again confirmed in the awesome amount of love that we have for this girl.”

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