Olympic Diver Greg Louganis Finds Birth Father

You may know him as one of the world’s greatest divers, but did you also know that he is an adoptee? Greg Louganis won five olympic medals and now, in a People exclusive, he is sharing his reunion with his birth father.

As a child Louganis felt like he was unloved and unwanted by his birth family. He was placed in foster care as an infant and was adopted shortly after. Sadly, his adoption agency lost his records in a fire.

Little did the professional diver know that his birth father had been keeping respective tabs on him throughout his diving career.

At a competition in Hawaii, Louganis was surprised to hear that his father was in Honolulu. Thinking that his father was back in San Diego, Louganis was shocked to find out it was his birth father that had come to meet him.

Though the meeting was a surprise, the two have grown closer over the years. A DNA test confirmed that they were biological family. He also found out he a few half siblings, one brother and two sisters. Louganis took the DNA test just before a family reunion. This squashed any feeling of doubt he had toward the relationship. He felt “peace” with this revelation.

The olympic diver has also connected with his birth mother and hopes to meet with her soon.

“We’re not living in the past anymore,” said Louganis. “I’m excited that now we can focus on being in the present and talk about what’s going on in our lives now.”

His birth family lives in Hawaii so it’s likely that he’ll be spending quite a bit more time on the beautiful island.

You can read more about Louganis’ story here.

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