Older Parent Adoption

You may think you are too old to adopt, but you may soon realize you aren’t alone in adopting in the later years of adulthood. It is not uncommon to be an older parent who adopts, so don’t count it out as an option.

Older Parent Adoption

There are many reasons singles and couples arrive at the decision to adopt in their 40s and later. These include:

  • Putting off starting a family until careers or financial security are established,
  • Many years of infertility treatments,
  • Creating a “second” family when children are grown,
  • Creating a family after remarriage, and
  • Grandparent/kinship adoption.

There are certainly others.

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Sarah - Content Specialist for adopting.org, is a mother both biologically and through domestic infant open adoption. She resides with her husband and two boys in Ohio. She is passionate about open adoption and adoption education. In her free time she enjoys cooking, photography, writing, and hiking. You can find more of her adoption work at Heart For Open Adoption on Facebook or on Adoption.com.

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