Nosey Shopper Tells Mom To Stop ‘Spoiling’ Her Baby, Then She Calls Her Out On Facebook

Not only do strangers not understand the circumstances in which we make the decisions we make, but even if they had a comprehensive understanding to our life, our children’s history, or all the facts, is it ever ok for them to make comments or judgements to us? This mom handled the rude comments of a fellow shopper with grace, but then took her grievance to social media and taught us all a valuable lesson.

Nosey Shopper Tells Mom To Stop ‘Spoiling’ Her Baby, Then She Calls Her Out On Facebook

It was uncalled for. While shopping with her baby girl, Grace, Kelly Dirkes was interrupted by a stranger. The nosy woman had a bone to pick with Dirkes.

The woman accused the mother of “spoiling” her daughter and began to lecture Dirkes about how her baby will never be dependent because she was coddling the child.

Most people know not to judge others in passing because you never know what they’re going through, but this woman couldn’t seem to help herself. Dirkes handled the situation brilliantly.

We’ve seen bullies judge mothers for something as simple as having a job, but never for anything as unbelievable as this.

The mother shared a letter on Facebook explaining to the woman exactly why “spoiling” her daughter was so important. No one could possibly know what little Grace had been through from the moment she was born, to the moment she was first held in her mommy’s arms.

Read Dirkes’ incredible letter below…

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