Newly Adopted Teenager Receives Heartfelt Letter From Mom

What would you write to your adopted teenager? Mother Holly Romero wrote to her recently adopted teenager and this letter will bring tears to your eyes. The family couldn’t be happier about their new family member.

Ariel spent 454 days in the Romero home before his adoption. Though the family wasn’t planning on adopting an older child, Holly notes that God pulled her to his file telling her, “This is your child.”

Her letter goes on to say, “Daddy and I weren’t prepared for a teen, but remember what I always tell you? Sometimes God calls us to step out of our comfort zones. And son, I am so, so glad He did that.”

Although this family came together in an unexpected way, it seems to have come together in the perfect way. Families come together in all kinds of ways, but the important thing is that there is love. For the Romero family, love and God brought them to their newest family member.

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You can read more about the story here.

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