My Miracle: How Adoption Saved Me

“When I was 8 years old, my parents died and I went to live in an orphanage. This is my story.”

This is the powerful story of a boy who grew up in Eastern Europe in very difficult circumstances. His home life was difficult to begin with, but when he went to live in an orphanage, things became even darker for him.

Of the orphanage, he says, “Dreams and hopes of a better future do not exist there. Hoping for anything good only leads to disappointment. Addiction and substance abuse are all around. We are alone.”

Finally, at the unlikely age of 14, he was adopted into an American family after visiting the US through a hosting program. “Finally,” he says. “It was my time. The seed of hope was planted. It took 12 months, but I was finally adopted. Hugs, kisses, help, and support are . . . normal. I love my mom and dad. My mom and dad love me. I can’t believe this is my real life. Now I dream about my future.”

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