My Friend Fed My Daughter When She Couldn’t Feed Hers

Many adoptive parents wish they were able to provide breastmilk for their newborn.  While sometimes the birth mother will pump for the new family, other times that’s not an option.  It is difficult to induce lactation and not always successful.  Turning to donated milk is usually the only option. Often it is expensive to buy breastmilk and the donated milk places sometimes requires a prescription.  If you personally know someone you can trust that has an excess of breastmilk then that could be an amazing option.  This is the beautiful story of how one friend provided for her friend’s adoptive child when she could not provide for her own.

My Friend Fed My Daughter When She Couldn’t Feed Hers

I still remember the day my friend Sarah asked me, timidly, if I would like to have her breastmilk for my daughter. Her expressions, body language, and voice all told me that this was something she had thought about for a long time and that it was a big brave thing for her to ask me. And I remember feeling the weight of deep sadness and enormous gratitude all at once.

You see, Sarah wasn’t going to be able to use her breastmilk because the baby girl she was carrying wasn’t expected to live very long after birth.

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