My Favorite Adoption Memes

Do you have a collection of favorite quotes or adoption memes? Here is a compiled list of some favorites.

Adoption Memes

When we mention in passing that two of our kids are adopted, a common reaction is “Oh, I know someone who has adopted.” People often share stories about their adopted grandchild, neighbor, classmate…hairdresser’s nephew. When people learn they have something in common with you, they like to share…sometimes overshare.

Much of what people know about adoption is through association with families built through adoption but like with any other subject, the average person gets a lot of their information about adoption through social media.

Our #AdoptionTalk topic today is “adoption and the media” and in honor of that topic, I’ve put together a sampling of my favorite adoption memes. I think the proper way to pronounce meme is “meem” although in my head it’s pronounced “mee mee.” Anyhoo. However you say it, here are some good ones.

To see the whole list, click here.


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