My Adopted Daughter’s Story Confirms The World Is Smaller Than You Think

The world is never as big as it seems.

Bari Benjamin adopted her daughter, Laura, from an orphanage in Russia sixteen years ago. She was just two years old and had lived at the orphanage since the age of six months.

Bari and Laura settled into a comfortable life in Pennsylvania. They became part of a local synagogue, where Laura attended Sunday School and participated in youth groups. When she was twelve years old, she befriended a boy in her youth group who had also been adopted from Russia. They became close friends.

Eventually the two moms met and realized that the pair had been in the same orphanage as toddlers. Out of twenty-five orphanages in Russia, they had been together as infants and toddlers. When Bari had first visited the orphanage and shared Oreo cookies with all the toddlers there, she had surely shared a cookie with the little boy who was destined to grow up and become her daughter’s friend.

“Was this just an amazing coincidence? Or was there some other unknown force that brought these two teens together, halfway across the world?”

Read the whole story here.

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Rachel Skousen

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