My 7-year-old son isn’t interested in his adoption story.

Sometimes it’s great to know we aren’t alone in our journey through adoption problems. Having a reliable source to go to when things get tough is great. On this site an adoptee lends ear to problems adoptive parents and birth parents face by guiding them through the problems with gentle advice. Read the submitted question about how this parent is concerned about her 7 year old not wanting to know his adoption story.


We adopted my son at birth and now he is 7-years old. He used to like to hear about his adoption and the day my husband and I brought him home but recently he does not have any interest in hearing his adoption story or talking about adoption. In the past few years his birth mom has given birth to 2 children, both whom she kept. I have shared pictures of the children with my son and said, “Your birth mom had a baby and this is him.” My son is not interested at all. There are no questions whatsoever.

Would you suggest that I call these children his siblings or sister/brother? I am wondering if I should be saying anything different to him. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I could use some advice.

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